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To whomever abandoned the 6 tiny kittens outside FurBabies salon,

Whatever would compel you to 1) Take newly born kittens away from their mother, and
2) leave them out in the cold rain. Did you think before you did this? Do you know they NEED their mother’s milk to survive? You had no right. They were babies. Living things. With heartbeats, with souls. With emotions, like terror at being in the cold, dark night alone. How could you even bring yourself to walk away. I will never, ever understand. There are resources available that would have helped them have half a chance.
Do you have children (I hope to God not)? Would you ever think of doing this to THEM?

YOU should have been the one drying them off with a blow dryer in hopes they could be saved. 
YOU should have been the one diligently putting food in their tiny mouths every 2 hours for days as they cried, wide-eyed, not knowing what was happening.
YOU should have been the one watching helplessly as they struggled to take their last breaths, knowing all you did just wasn’t enough to save them.
YOU should be the one whose heart and soul was shattered as you buried them, one by one, snuggled together, never to have the chance to be who they were meant to be.

They deserved better. What you deserve will come in due time. I pray to God you never have any pets - EVER.

Please, people, there are rescues, animal control, Sheriff’s department, places to call if you see animal abuse or neglect. If we don’t start prosecuting these people, it will just continue. This has to stop. This can’t perpetuate to the next generation.

And, if you own a pet, PLEASE spay or neuter. If you have strays in your area, there are programs to trap, neuter and release. Why do precious babies have to keep dying because of careless and cruel humans?

Please do your part, they depend on us to be their voice.

In memory of Alfred, Alvin, Augie, and Adele, and on behalf of Artie and Archer
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